Andrew Edwards

I started building websites way back in 2006. Back then I was working as a financial Analyst for a well known UK retailer, the money was ok but there was very little chance of promotion. Now whilst I could do the job blinded folded and enjoyed the banter and friens ships with my work colleagues, I day dreamed for something more…

I know there will be some of you reading this who can relate, who want to break away from the ground hog day 9 till 5 rat race. This was me, back then i was always looking for a way to make more money and I had started playing online poker during the Chris Moneymaker online poker boom (The moneymaker effect, summer 2003). By 2006 I was still holding my own, I had a never really paid much attention in school or in maths for that matter. But all the maths I did learn, I learnt from card counting, knowing the odds/probability or a certain card hitting on the turn or river. I developed a skill for online poker, think Alan from the hangover.

I got to a stage where as I became a prop player, on several online poker sites. A prop player is somebody who would sit in online card rooms and get paid a percentage of the rake, to generate cash table revenue and games. So I would keep 100% of any winnings and also get 35% of any rake profit generated for each poker site.

Up until this stage this is how i though i could use the internet to make money.  But i was still stuck in the rat race, exchanging my time for money at an hourlie rate. Longing to one day become my own boss, work my own hours etc. I looked at how i could take my skill from the poker tables and finance and turn this into passive income. Which led me to build my first website an affiliate site for people looking to find the best deals for poker, casinos & bingo.

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